Alex Sarr's NBA journey is officially underway, and the NBL Next Star is keen to savour the moment.

27 Jun

In a heartfelt interview, Alex Sarr shared his emotional journey to becoming the second overall pick with the Washington Wizards at the 2024 NBA Draft.

As one of the top two draft picks without collegiate experience, Sarr credits his preparation in France and a season in the NBL with the Perth Wildcats as part of the Next Stars program, for providing a strong pathway to the NBA.

“Everywhere I played, you know, like, just built me for this moment,” Sarr explained.

The influence of his brother Olivier, who plays with the Oklahoma City Thunder, clearly vital to Sarr’s development.

Sarr was visibly emotional discussing the pivotal role his older sibling had played in his career so far.

“He gave me all his knowledge and to this day it’s really special to have someone like him in my corner,” Sarr said.

Reflecting on his Olivier's draft experience, Sarr shared a touching memory.

“I went to his draft and I know how it feels to go out and not get drafted (Olivier declared in 2021 but was overlooked), and for me to be able to be able to do it now ... it’s really special,” he added.

Sarr was expected to land in the top handful of selections heading into the NBA Draft, with fellow Frenchman Zaccharie Risacher ultimately taken at the first overall pick, before the 19-year-old landed at the Wizards.

“I think it's really special. Any pick that you get picked, you know the team is taking a chance on me and I'm really blessed for that and I won't take it for granted,” Sarr said of the opportunity.

“Doing it in front of my family and them be able to come to New York, it just means a lot.

“I will just play with effort and impact winning. I'm just excited to join this team. It's (Washington) a team that I watched a lot this past year. I think I can be really impactful on that team, and I can't wait to add my game to the roster.”

Now, after already achieving so much at such a young age, Sarr’s next challenge begins. 

“I think it's just a first step, but it's definitely achieving something that was big for me. You know, being drafted, I don't take it for granted and I'm sure enjoying it a lot.”

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