"I have always been a point guard and that’s the position I want to play."

8 Sep

Photos: Adelaide 36ers Media

At six-foot-nine, close to 206 centimetres, Trentyn Flowers is a new generation point guard.

The average point guard in the NBA usually measures in at around six-foot to six-foot-three, but Flowers is a unique and rare talent.

A growth spurt in high school allowed his coaches to play him just about anywhere but ultimately, the point is where he thrived.

As Sports Illustrated explained, “Defensively, his (Flowers) size and intangibles really should allow him to guard four positions at the next level. He has the height of many power forwards but, boasts the lateral quickness and length to stay in front of guards.”

For a team looking for a point of difference in this year’s NBA Draft, Flowers has a pretty incredible set of assets.

“I had a growth spurt, growing six to seven inches going into high school, so I have always been a point guard and that’s the position I want to play,” Flowers told the Adelaide 36ers' new app.

“I had the chance to experiment my game a little bit there, but now I’m back in my normal position.

“I want to make a tremendous impact on the game, I want to be known as a bigger point guard.”

A great example of a taller point guard excelling in the NBA sat barely a couple of spots away in the Adelaide 36ers’ change-rooms a few seasons ago; former Next Star, Josh Giddey, who is 203cm, or six-foot-seven.

“To see how (Josh) Giddey’s game has transformed from the NBL to the NBA has been amazing, he’s one of my favourite players to watch,” Flowers said.

Another Australian, Ben Simmons, played arguably his best basketball at the point – a towering figure at 210 centimetres, or six-foot-ten.

Then there’s one of the all-time greats, Magic Johnson, who at 206cm / six-foot-nine dominated the league as a point guard for 906 games.

Of course, Flowers has a long way to go to achieve his NBA dream, but even being drafted would put him in some rare air.

As an 18-year-old, he ran the point for the 36ers in their opening pre-season game last week, and looked every bit the part. He scored 12 points, grabbed seven boards, handed off two assists, and even managed a block.

Flowers is leading the team’s rotation, alongside two of the NBL’s most experienced stars, Mitch McCarron and Jason Cadee.

“In college, you’re playing against teenagers or guys 20 or 21, out here, you’re playing against grown men. I want to be an NBA player, so to go out there and get that bump early, I think that is going to be better for me,” Flowers said.

“Whatever size you are, you can play any position in basketball, as long as you put your mind to it.”

The young gun is a currently listed early in the first round in many experts’ NBA draft projections, but for now, he’s set to entertain Adelaide and the NBL.

“I’m very flashy, exciting, I can pass, dribble, shoot, when you come watch me play, there’s nothing I can’t do, I’m a very versatile player,” he added.

“Off the court I want to be a good role model, setting a good example. I work hard, that’s all there really is to say about me.”


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